Prompt of the Day – September 2019

Autumn is upon us, and brings with it a new set of prompts. As always, feel free to use these prompts for whatever creative endeavors you enjoy.

2nd       Competitor

3rd        Sword in the ceiling

4th        Vacation

5th        Moral Dilemmas

6th        Surprise on the doorstep

7th        Wedding crashers

9th        The blackbird soared

10th      Draw, Corner, Pound

11th      “With this smile, I can get away with anything.”

12th       Harvest Moon

13th         Beside a stream

15th         Random Wikipedia Article (I’ve found some for each day, but you can also click the random article function on your own if you’d prefer) Granges-sur-Baume

16th         Three Children

17th      Staple, Circle, Dash

18th         Accidently robs a wizard

19th      Twinkle in their eye

21st      Thirty pieces of silver

22nd     Guardian Angel

23rd         Monster Under the Bed

24th      “We can attack in any direction”

25th      “Can I kill him?”

27th      Mind-reading politician

28th      Talisman

29th      The storm of the century

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