WeWriWa #43

Welcome to another Weekend Writing Warriors post! The challenge is a blog hop where participants post eight to ten lines from a piece of creative writing they’ve been working on previously. You can find a list of participants on the WeWriWa website each weekend.

This year I’m getting back on track with daily writing prompts with my prompt of the day posts. For my Weekend Writing Warriors submissions I’ll be including snippets from recent writing prompts.

Writing Prompt: Pretending to be strangers

“And we have no recourse in amending these terms?” Eagle’s Wing asked, not looking up from the numbers. She did seem to care about the little black marks that told the story of how many of her followers would likely die in the coming months.

“As you said, these are generous terms.”

“And not likely to stay generous for long.”

I shrugged, “As Sun’s Arrow can tell you, I’m not a politician. I’m a warrior, and I’m not going to dance around this. If you refuse these terms, we will have no choice but continue to fight. You’ve left us with no recourse towards uniting the Ice Plains again. The more lives you take on our side, the more severe the punishment for such action will be.

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