Summer 2019 Goals

So summer is officially underway, but that doesn’t mean I’ll be relaxing the whole time. Like last year, I have some specific goals I would like to meet over the course of the summer.

Elon’s Summer Undergraduate Research Experience (SURE)

While I’ll have a bit of a break at the beginning of the summer and at the end before the Fall Semester starts, eight weeks of my semester will be dedicated to my research on intersectionality and female characters in sci-fi/fantasy short stories. I’ll be spending this time at Elon University, where I’ll get to work with my mentor regularly and devote concentrated time to my research project. Since I’ll be studying abroad in the Spring of 2020, getting this time in now will really help set up my research project and my relationship with my mentor, as well as giving me some presentation materials to work with.

Goal: Set the groundwork for my thesis project, produce a research paper and presentation materials.

Archival Explorations

I’ve been considering archival work more seriously as a potential career path, and several opportunities over the summer will give me the chance to explore this more thoroughly. While on campus for SURE, I’ll be working with one of the Elon archivists on a Story Map project for a couple hours each week. I will also be returning to the Rubenstein Rare Books library, where I will get to meet more of the people who work with both the rare books collections and the exhibition spaces at Duke University.

Goal: Develop a Story Map and learn more about a career in archival work.

Creative Writing

Obviously the two goals above are going to be taking up a lot of my time. But I will also have more flexibility in my schedule where I can work on incorporating creative writing back into my daily life. My spring semester in particular really threw off my writing groove, so I think my main focus will be getting back into the habit of daily writing so I can go into the Fall with a decent habit in mind. This might include trying to write in the evenings, which seem to be more free during my semesters.

Goal: Get back to daily writing, make progress on the Dragon’s Mentor draft.

Craft Goals

One of my goals last summer was to practice tambour embroidery. This summer I want to expand upon that goal, practicing even more and trying out a few different techniques and methods I’ve seen which might make some of the process a little easier.

Goal: Practice tambour embroidery (again).

Those are my main goals for Summer 2019, and they’ll likely take up the majority of my time before I return to my regular class schedule in the Fall. What goals do you have for this summer? Share in the comments!

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