Bullet Journal – December Spreads

It’s December already! It feels as though this whole year has flown by. As I start wrapping up my fall semester, I’ve included a look into one of the final sections of my 2018 bullet journal.

I wanted to go with a subtle holiday theme for December, so I’ve stuck with black and white for colors on the monthly spread but a little more effort into the decoration at the top. My 2019 journal is going to have a lot of similar, fun decorations. 

Like November, I started to have more cohesive spreads in December. I retained my academic layout for the first week, but I typically need less horizontal space when I’m not doing school work. 

I forgot to take pictures of these before I started filling in information, but this gives you a little glimpse of an “after” for my bullet journal. While I try to put in the time and effort to make my handwriting nice when I’m laying out a page, when I start writing individual notes and items I don’t worry about making it too pretty. My last week includes an eight-day week, because I wanted to be sure to include the last day of 2018 without having to have most of the first week of 2019. 

I can’t wait to share my new, 2019 journal pages starting in January!

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