20 Things at 20

Hello all! Today I’m sharing another spread from my 2018 bullet journal. This spread is how I’m keeping track of my goal to do 20 things (of various kinds) during the year that I’m 20 years old. These include activities and personal goals of all sorts, from general wellbeing to writing and crafting. I wanted to set goals that I would have to put in effort to achieve, while still making them within my reach.


I decided to go for a more minimal look for this spread, since I’ll only have a short time in 2018 to work on these goals before switching over to my 2019 journal. I like the little frame corners, because it seems to add a bit of depth. I actually started using them after the pen I was using skittered across the page a bit and messed up my nice straight lines. Just goest to show you can always improve upon your mistakes!

A couple notes on particular goals. I have a difficulty introducing myself, even though once I get started in a conversation a lot of my social anxiety goes away. In an effort to improve my introduction skills and to start to become more comfortable with introductions, I plan to talk to twenty strangers over the course of the next year. In a similar vein, I’m not a huge fan of highway driving, particularly when I’m alone. So even though the distance between my home town and my college is only about two hours, I included driving that distance on my list.

I think it is important to be a politically engaged citizen, whether that takes the form of voting, participating in a march, rally, or protest, and contacting government representatives.

Other goals include crafting things I have wanted to learn. I’ve tried bookbinding in the past but I want to become more comfortable with it. I contribute my desire to learn brush pen calligraphy to Instagram. While I’m comfortable with drawing faux calligraphy in my journals and cards, it would be lovely to be able to do actual calligraphy myself. Since I started knitting, I’ve wanted to learn how to knit socks. As someone who does not own a pair of white socks, I feel like being able to make myself beautiful knitted socks would be lovely. I’m extremely allergic to wool, so oftentimes I have to avoid hand-knit socks because they’re made with wool.

Some of these goals represent mind and body health. One day, potentially over winter break or during the summer, I plan to go through the day without using screen time. So while I will still be using technology such as stoves and refrigerators, I won’t be browsing Instagram or binge-watching Netflix for at least a day. I’ve already made good progress on my daily journaling habit with my line-a-day journal. Even though it doesn’t leave much room for details, it helps me focus on the highlights of my day. Bonus? I don’t get overwhelmed when I forget to fill out the journal for a day or two, because it’s pretty easy to fill in the gaps.

I want to go hiking again, because being in nature is something I really enjoy. I’ve been on short hikes with my family and the people from my dorm, and I really don’t feel the need to do anything much more intense. Similarly, I would like to try rock climbing (there’s a rock climbing gym about an hour away) but I don’t anticipate it becoming something that I end up devoting a lot of attention towards.

Finally, I’ve included some reading and writing goals. The Read Harder challenge pushes readers to find books that are outside of their comfort zone. You can see an example of the 2018 challenge here. I’m going to keep an eye out for the 2019 goals, but I may end up altering the challenge to fit my particular interpretation of the challenge. Keep an eye out for these books in next year’s Bookwyrm posts! My main writing challenge has to do with submissions. I want to submit at least ten times to different publication opportunities, in addition to participating in some sort of blogging challenge. I haven’t decided what type of challenge I want to do yet though. If you have any suggestions, let me know in the comments!

4 thoughts on “20 Things at 20

  1. Good quality acrylic yarn behaves similarly to wool, is super washable and does not itch. A small pair of circular needles are also far more forgiving than wrestling three double-ended knitting needles as you learn 🙂 I love the way you write!

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