Progress on Summer Goals

It took me a while after getting back from my two weeks of traveling at the beginning of the summer to get into a groove, but now I feel like I’m starting to make progress on some of my summer goals. After keeping creative projects to a minimum over the course of the school year, I fear I might have gone a little project-happy, but hey, that’s what being home for the summer is for!

Writing Goals

I’m still working on getting my writing to be consistent. I have achieved a couple milestones, like drafting a short story and starting revisions. This short story will be the one I submit to the JordanCon anthology at the end of August. I also came across another call for submissions for stories blending fantasy and mental illnesses/mental health. So I’ve started drafting another short story! I have been focusing on these stories rather than revising my Magic Collector Novella recently, and I think my steampunk mystery might be back on the shelf for a while.

Craft Goals

I recently posted about my progress with tambour embroidery, and now that the fusible interfacing has come in I can start working on my mom’s t-shirt quilt.

I’ve also started doing some embroidery work on jeans and jean jackets, as evidenced by my somewhat sporadic Instagram posts. I’m looking forward to doing a few full blog posts about these projects in the future!

Reading Goals

While I haven’t made as much progress on my Honors Project reading, both in books and articles, I have read several books on my personal list, many of which I will talk about in next week’s Bookwyrm Report, though I already did a Review of A Natural History of Dragons.

I’ve also made good progress on prepping graphics and blog posts, and started the process of reorganizing my sewing area. On top of that I’ve been working once a week as a nanny and doing freelance transcription work. It’s fair to say I’m staying busy this summer!

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