Weekend Writing Warriors: First Post

Hello everyone! So I heard about the Weekend Writing Warrior challenge a while back, and I’ve finally decided to add it to my regular blogging schedule. The challenge is a blog hop where participants post eight to ten lines from a piece of creative writing they’ve been working on previously. You can find a list of participants on the WeWriWa website each weekend. To start off I’ll just be posting every other Saturday, but who knows? I may increase my output even further in the future.

This excerpt is from my Young Adult steampunk mystery, The Airship Incident, featuring the young detective Amelia Warne and her companion droid Raymond.

Amelia turned around the paper so he could see the headline, “All three ships started crashing in plain view of the city, but had enough integrity to make it to water. All three were the same type of airship, and all belonged to Burns Airship Company.”

Claxton frowned, “A fine bit of coincidence there Officer Warne.”

“It’s not a coincidence. It’s all too precise to be accidental sir.” Amelia returned the paper to her lap, “The ships were sabotaged.”

After a moment of silence Inspector Claxton began to laugh and Amelia felt her cheeks turn red. “You’re are always after a big fish, aren’t you?” Her stony silence made him look at her again, “You’re serious about this?”

“As serious as two dozen casualties, and probably more if this doesn’t stop.”


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