Clubs and Extracurriculars

Hello all! Another little life update while I’m preparing for Fall Break. I can’t believe a month and a half of college has gone by already, but I have been pretty busy so far this semester. In this post I’m going to cover some of my favorite events that I attended and some of the clubs I’ve joined.

Creative Writing Club – I had considered applying to be part of the Creative Writing Club executive staff this semester, but decided to hold off until I got more settled into college life. I think it was a wise decision, but I’m still looking forward to club involvement. I inadvertently became the first person to have a piece workshopped with the group; a question about whether novel excerpts would be allowed turned into me sending along the first part of my Amelia Warne mystery, the same section that I workshopped at JordanCon 2017. I will probably expand more on the actual workshop process in a later post.

Board Game Club – Three hours of board games at the end of the week does me an immense amount of good! I look forward to each Friday as a chance to de-stress and hang out, with absolutely no pressure of any kind of work. The selection of board games varies from week to week, but I can usually find a great board game to play with neat people.

Martial Arts Club – The Martial Arts club meets three times a week, but I’ve decided to go once a week to balance club activity within my schedule. The official club is primarily a cardio-based workout, with a lot of punching and kicking drills. The opportunity to do such is nice, particularly since I don’t make a lot of time to go to the gym regularly. However, the sparring here allows “light” touch including head contact. While I have done contact sparring in the past, a lot more gear has been involved and no head contact. At this point in time I’m not comfortable with that type of sparring, so I mainly go for the workout. I have connected with other people who are interested in practicing forms, even if we all have different requirements we’re practicing. Individual practice is great, but I enjoy working with other people so I’m not alone in the studio. So that comes to two times a week where I practice martial arts: once with the official club, and once with my unofficial forms practice group.

Anthropology/Sociology Club – Since arriving at Elon I’ve decided to pursue an Anthropology minor in addition to my English Major. As such, I thought it doubly important to sign up for the Anthropology and Sociology club. This is a primarily event-driven organization without weekly meetings, so it fits in around other clubs in my schedule. Some proposed events include study sessions, documentary movie nights, and even a trip to the Natural Science museum for special exhibits.

Miscellaneous Organizations: Classics Club, Elon Votes, EFFECT, Elon Democrats, French Club – So…I signed up for a lot of things. Classics Club might provide some interesting events throughout the year, but like the Anthropology club, doesn’t have weekly meetings. EFFECT (Elon Feminists For Equality, Change, and Transformation) and Elon Democrats meet weekly, but the group is set up so meetings are primarily discussions of various issues and members don’t have to attend if they’re busy. I’m hoping to attend French Club more regularly, particularly since I plan to continue studying French through my college career.


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