Finishing Summer Writing Goals

I love the WordPress scheduling function. Without it, I would have been lost many times before. When this is published, I will be recovering from wisdom teeth surgery. But that couldn’t stop me sharing the conclusion to my summer writing plans! I’ve been maintaining updates so far about my goals since I introduced them back in May. After my update in June I continued to make progress, though July was a bit of a slower month.

Daily Writing Goals

I maintained my goals fairly well in this department, writing for two hours every day and reaching at least 1,000 words. From May 15th to August 9th, I wrote 154,372 words on various projects, and committed 158 hours to writing. Since my wisdom teeth surgery on the 10th prevented me from continuing my official daily goals I decided to stop on the 9th. That’s not to say I won’t be continuing to write this summer, or even lower the amount of time that I commit. I’ll just relax a little, and not be so determined to make myself write each day. While daily writing is important, preparing to go to college and having oral surgery will inevitably throw a wrench in those plans.

Online Writing Class

I received my certificate of completion for Power of the Pen: Identities and Social Issues in Fiction and Nonfiction on August 4th! If you’d like to read more about how I enjoyed the class from the University of Iowa’s International Writing Program, you can find my previous post here.

WIP: The Commanders

The first draft of The Commanders is finished! About two-thirds of the way through July I was able to type the words “The End” to this project. At over 93,000 words this is one of my longest projects yet, and I already have several scenes in mind that I plan to add soon. I haven’t entered the revision process yet, partially because I want to focus on another project for a while and partially because I know the story will require a lot of restructuring. Adding and subtracting scenes won’t be the only fixes, but I look forward to polishing this story.

Short Stories

This is the one part of my summer goals I do not necessarily count as a success. I have a mostly complete draft of one short story and the planning for another complete. At this point in time I don’t know when either of those projects will be finished. I already knew I liked the expansiveness and immersive power of a longer format, but I hope that in the future I will be able to continue to refine my shorter works.

Revising The Airship Incident

My steampunk mystery has become the main focus of my writing sessions over the past few weeks. I reevaluated the outline, expanding certain sections and laying the groundwork to enhance some subplots. One of the most difficult pieces of this puzzle so far has been how to bring out my main character’s arc. This could still use some work, but I feel I’m approaching the point where some outside input might be beneficial. I’m hoping to get this story shaped up a bit so I can start working with alpha readers soon.

Online Critiques

While the activity in my writing Facebook group has dwindled, I was still able to get some decent feedback on a few of my stories and had practice with reviewing the work of others. I also began writing an informal role play with another person this summer. The activity isn’t critique-oriented, but I still enjoy the opportunity to share my writing and interact with another writer.

Hope your own writing goals went well this summer, and keep writing!


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