My Last Tae Kwon Do Test

Today is the day of my last Tae Kwon Do test before leaving for college. It’s a bittersweet moment. After eight and a half years of study I am a second degree black belt, and after tonight I will be exactly two-thirds of my way to being a third degree.

Tae Kwon Do was my main extracurricular activity through high school, and I’ve enjoyed the sport enough that I hope to continue studying some form of martial art during college. Take Kwon Do has given me great ideas with my writing, and I highly recommend that authors who plan to write a fight scene take some sort of self-defense class.

While I plan to continue my classes until I leave for college, this last test is a big milestone. I’ll be gaining the sixth step out of nine to progress from second degree to third, not knowing if I’ll be able to complete that journey. Regardless, I do know that I will reach a good pausing point at least, and I plan to continue practicing what I’ve learned while at Elon.


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