Progress on Summer Crafts!

Summer is the perfect time for me to work on crafts. I get to hide from the North Carolina heat indoors with nice projects! Other than a few mundane patches and hemming a few pairs of pants (oh the joys of being short), I have a couple different projects running.

Dorm Quilt

I made a quilt with this same pattern last year, and I really like how it looks. The bright whites make the patterns and colors pop, and I love using colorful quilting thread on white to match the backing. This quilt is fully pieced and I have about a third hand quilted. I’m optimistic that I’ll be able to finish this project before going off to college, and I hope that it will find a home in my dorm room.

A quick shoutout to my brother (who has a Youtube Channel), without whom these photos would not have been taken. Taking pictures of quilts is a lot more difficult than one would imagine.


I don’t have any major projects going at the moment, not like my first and second large zentangle pieces. I’ve decided to decorate a few envelopes though in different sizes, so when I go to college I’ll have a stash of unique stationary to use.

Harry Potter Scarves


Two Christmases ago I made Ravenclaw and Gryffindor scarves for some of my family and friends. I enjoy this pattern, mainly because I love knitting in the round. The scarf is knitted as a tube, hiding the color changes and then held flat by sealing the ends with fringe. I finished another Ravenclaw scarf this summer, and started on my first Slytherin. I chose the style of scarves we see in Prisoner of Azkaban forward, with smaller bars of the complementary color. I am also working on a commissioned Ravenclaw Scarf with larger blocks of alternating color (as seen in the first two movies). Unfortunately in the picture the lighting makes the beautiful blue-gray of the finished Ravenclaw Scarf just look…gray.

And Another Quilt!

Okay, but this one isn’t mine. I’m helping my grandmother use up her stash of black and white prints by turning it into a quilt. We planned it out together and I helped her get started with most of it when I stayed with her for a few days. Production hit a slight hiccough when her sewing machine needed a small repair, but luckily it was a quick fix and we’re still going strong! Just finished cutting out the sashing. The quilt itself might not be my particular style, but it’s been so fun to put it together with my grandmother and I know she’ll enjoy it.

Do you have any craft projects you’re working on this summer? Let us know in the comments!

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