Progress on Summer Writing Plans

So far I’ve been following the summer writing goals I set in May for a month. Some went well, others haven’t made much progress yet. I still have about two more months before I have to go to Elon, so I’m hoping I’ll be able to do well overall.

Daily Writing Goals

My goal has been to write for two hours a day, and write at least 1000 words. So far, I’ve done pretty well, meeting the goal thirty times out of thirty-two. I’ve gotten into a routine of writing each morning starting around nine o’clock and finishing a little after eleven. It takes up most of the morning, but usually that works out fine. My daily word count average is 2,127, with a total word count of 65,923! Two hours seems to be a good amount of time with balancing chores and other projects. I might up the goal to two and a half hours later in the summer, but right now I’m leaving it at two.

Online Writing Class

My online class through the University of Iowa International Writing Program on Identity and Social issues in fiction and nonfiction has certainly been interesting. The first two weeks in particular let me work on fleshing out a short story concept I had been toying with for a while in a setting where I could get some feedback from other participants. The content is compelling, though while having many different presenters gives nice variety to the class, it also makes some of the modules feel less cohesive. Week five of the class has just begun, and I’ll have one more week before the class wraps up. I’ll probably do a whole post then to give an overview of how it went and what I learned.

WIP: The Commanders

I’ve been able to make great progress on the first draft of my work in progress! When I first started this set of summer goals The Commanders was at 45,000 words, it’s now at 71,000. I’ve completed Part II and started on Part III. This main “adventure-quest” part of the book is being a little more difficult than I anticipated, possibly because I haven’t spent as much time thinking through some of the chapters and scenes. To help myself along I’ve been focusing on expanding my outlines and brainstorming sessions. I have high hopes that I’ll be able to finish the first draft before the end of summer.

Short Stories

At this time, I’ve almost finished the first draft of one short story. I explored some aspects such as character during the first two weeks of my online writing class and was able to get some decent feedback about some scenes. The story centers around three former circus performers trying to solve a twenty-year-old mystery. I also have prepared to start a second short story, though this one has more of an episodic feel that fits within a larger narrative. I’m looking forward to dealing with these characters and pieces of the story that I may want to turn into a longer novel with more parts.

Revising The Airship Incident

Not much progress on this goal yet. I’ve reworked the opening…again. I’ll be more pleased when I get around to working on the rest of it. I also need to work on my main character’s arc, which at the moment is less of an arc and more of a jagged line. I did print out the last full draft and the incomplete draft that I left hanging a while back, so now I’m just doing a read-through and taking notes. We’ll see if anything more substantial can be accomplished before school starts.

Online Critiques

Between my Facebook group and the feedback on the assignments for the writing class I’ve been doing pretty well in this department. I just submitted my second critique for my Facebook group and I already received feedback for my first submission. Since I put forth the first chapter of The Commanders I haven’t started incorporating the feedback for that section yet, though I plan to take their comments into consideration when doing my first revision pass.

So far, no new goals to report unless you count trying not to get distracted by new story ideas, haha! Normally I can focus myself pretty well, but there were a few tough days in that regard. Did you set goals for yourself this summer? Is anyone planning to participate in July’s Camp NaNo? Let us know in the comments!


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