Summer Writing Plans

Classes are officially over, exams are finished, and I’m ready to buckle down for my last summer before starting college. This will be one of my first summers since starting high school that I won’t have some sort of school assignment to work through. After allowing myself a bit of a break after the end of a busy semester, I decided to focus in on some writing goals.

Daily Writing Goals

I really want to concentrate a lot of my efforts this summer to my creative writing. As my schedule and lifestyle changes in the fall, I want a lot of momentum behind me so I can stay true to my passion throughout all of these changes. I plan to write at least two hours a day, with a minimum of 1000 words written per day on various projects. The word count minimum shouldn’t be an issue unless I get trapped in a research rut, but after snatching up a half hour here and forty-five minutes there this past semester I’m looking forward to a dedicated two hours. If reaching that goal seems too easy each day I might bump it up later in the summer. I’ll be sure to keep you up-to-date on my progress.

University of Iowa International Writing Program

What was that about not having classwork again? From May 15-July 3, I’ll be participating in a MOOC (Mass Open Online Course) through the University of Iowa about identity and diversity in Fiction! The course title is Power of the Pen: Identities and Social Issues in Fiction and Nonfiction. The class itself is free to attend, though participants may choose to pay $50 USD to have a certificate of completion. I’m looking forward to exploring these topics of identity and social issues, as well as working with both fiction and nonfiction. Up to this point, the majority of my creative writing has been fiction. I’m super excited to learn from one of the top writing programs in the country!

If you’d like more information about the MOOC, click here.

WIP: The Commanders

I’d really like to finish the first draft of The Commanders this summer. I’m just over 45,000 words, about halfway through now, so I’m pretty optimistic about this particular goal. A revision pass would be nice as well, but considering how much work will need to be done restructuring this project, I don’t know if that could be finished by the middle of August.

Short Story Exploration

I want to expand my writing abilities to include short stories because more and more I recognize that they are great ways to explore new ideas without committing the time of a novel. Short stories are also nice pieces to present to professors or even agents for them to get a feel for your writing style. I want to dedicate plenty of time this summer to practicing shorter pieces so that I have more experience with different forms of writing before entering college.

Revising The Airship Incident

My post last week was about workshopping the opening of this steampunk story while at JordanCon. I’d like to revise the story again, fleshing out the weak spots and expanding Amelia’s character arc. The workshop left me feeling strong about this story and what I can do to make it into something I could submit. I do want to finish the draft of The Commanders first though so these revisions might take a backseat for a while longer.

Partipate in Online Critiques

I’ve recently joined a tight-knit Facebook writing group, and I’m looking forward to submitting pieces of my work for critiques. I also look forward to practicing giving reviews, as I think that’s going to be a valuable skill in college as well as life in general. The first critique opens on Wednesday, and I’ve decided to submit the first chapter of The Commanders.

Whew! It’s somewhat of a daunting list, but I can’t wait to see what this summer brings!

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