JordanCon and Wheel of Time

On April 20th, I left with my family for a long drive down to Atlanta, GA. There we were going to spend two and a half days meeting fellow Wheel of Time fans, attending panels, and reveling in the excuse to dress up in costume. It was JordanCon time again!

JordanCon is an annual convention primarily to celebrate the late Robert Jordan’s fantasy series The Wheel of Time. There are a multitude of panel tracks, from symbolism within the The Wheel of Time books to embroidery classes. Lots of people go in costume, not all based on The Wheel of Time. Since Brandon Sanderson completed the last three books in the series following Robert Jordan’s death, there are quite a few events for those interested in the Cosmere. Brandon Sanderson often makes appearances, but unfortunately he was not able to attend this year.

This was only my second time attending JordanCon, my first visit was in 2015. It was nice to see some of the people we met then, as well as meeting with people I’ve gotten to know online through the Wheel of Time community TarValon.Net.

This year was particularly exciting because I submitted 1000 words of writing to participate in a short Writer’s Workshop! This was my first time participating in a discussion about my writing with other writers, and you can bet there will be a full blog post about the experience coming soon. There were also free-flow discussions with other writers and panels about character or plot with published authors.

I also got to attend in full costume for the first two days! I brought the costume I wore as my main piece in 2015 again this year, as well as a brand new costume. I decided against going as a specific character both years, mainly to allow myself plenty of artistic license when designing the dresses (though I see an Alloy of Law/Marasi cosplay in the future).

The Wheel of Time will always hold a special place in my heart. It’s a long series, fourteen books is nothing to sneeze at. I had the fortune to read them all back-to-back, finishing the final volume just minutes outside of Atlanta while on the way to JordanCon in 2015. My mom got me started on the series, and after a few false starts, I truly got sucked in. Since this is my mom’s favorite fantasy series, we had (and still have) lots of fun fangirling together over moments and characters. It was such an amazing journey to read these books over the course of a year, and an amazing thing to experience with my mom. JordanCon 2015 was a capstone to that first experience with The Wheel of Time, and JordanCon 2017 reaffirmed how special this series is to both me and my mom.


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