The Wait is Over

After months of application work followed by weeks of (not quite) patient waiting, I’ve made my decision. I will be attending Elon University in the Fall of 2017!


Elon is in my home state of North Carolina, and was one of the closest colleges I applied to. They have fantastic study abroad programs, a beautiful campus, and ample writing opportunities. I was also accepted into their Honors Fellowship program, which is a substantial scholarship along with a study abroad grant, and a grant for a research project spanning my junior and senior years.

My opinions on Elon have shifted dramatically since I first visited the school over a year ago. Originally, it was towards the bottom of my preferences. After examining the Honors program and revisiting the campus however, I began to see how incredible the school really is and how happy I could be there.

Now the planning and the excitement can begin! I can’t wait to be a Phoenix!

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