Zentangle Notecards

I realized last month that I have yet to share some of my crafty projects on my blog, and decided to remedy that as soon as possible. While this blog is primarily focused on my writing, I wanted to include posts on a variety of topics. Otherwise, I’d run the risk of boring myself as well as my readers!

This past Christmas I wanted to exchange useful, personal gifts with my mom, grandmother, and best friend. They are all wonderful, inspiring ladies who “don’t need more stuff.” So I decided to make hand-made notecards with zentangle designs.

For those who are unfamiliar, zentangles are a type of doodling which can be used as a form of meditation or doodle art. They are often black-on-white, but artists may add colors or use colorful pens. Mandala patterns influence my personal pen-and-ink style. Once it’s finished, I hope to share a larger piece of zentangle art I’ve been working on for some time. The cards are standard notecards I picked up from the local craft store, and each design has the same basic circle to act as the base. I then filled in the various designs with different patterns. The cards below are from the set I gave to my mother.

The funniest part of this story is how I got all of the cards done. I ended up making a total of twenty-seven cards with different designs, and another set of ten with the same design for an online holiday gift exchange. I knew I couldn’t get all of them done if I had to hide the project from my mom at all times. So I told her that I was making sets for my grandmother and best friend. She watched me make almost all of the cards, and never suspected she was getting a set herself!

Now that I’ve scanned all of the card designs, I have considered using the files to create larger batches of printed cards. I’ve played with the idea of running an etsy shop for a while, but I’ve always been too busy. Though I said the same thing about having a blog! If nothing else, I’ll always have the ability to make personalized gifts.

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