Writer’s Block

I’ve been having trouble lately with the middle of my work in progress, the kind of trouble that makes starting in on a new story idea seem like a really good idea. As a result, I’ve been hitting Writer’s Block a bit more often as usual. Through the process I’ve realized that some days you might not write well or write what you want to. That’s ok, as long as you continue to show up, sit down, and work on something. Keeping up the momentum and using your writing brain a bit every day helps to overcome the toughest blocks. 

How I work through writer’s block:

  • Prompts – I like to try to apply a random prompt to my current project. It might add a new direction to the story or just serve as a piece to familiarize yourself with characters, settings, or plot points. 
  • Image search – Compiling a notebook or Pinterest board for your project can spark some new inspiration. 
  • Maps – Even rough sketches can help visualize a layout. Storyboard-type maps are also useful in scenes with lots of characters and lots of blocking to do. 
  • Free write/Bubble maps – Stream of consciousness really works. Ask James Joyce. 
  • Research
  • Evaluate/update outline – stories change, and updating your outline to reflect changes in the story can help you get a fresh view of your project. 

Share your own suggestions for how to overcome writer’s block in the comments!

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