Happy Holidays!

I’ll try to keep this post short and sweet, I know lots of people get busy around this time of the year and I’m finally getting over a touch of the flu. The weather is getting colder at last. Lights and ringing bells permeate the air and add to the magical feeling of the holidays.

For me, the holidays are a mixture of rest and frantic work. I don’t have any school work to do, but presents aren’t going to make themselves. Crafting abilities become particularly useful around the holidays. I also try to write a lot around the holidays, getting plenty of words written before the new year starts up. This year, that means preparing lots of blog posts!

Family and friends come around this time of the year, and catch up on old drama while making some new. Writers who recognize this resource for characters and tensions can set to work plucking apart conversations for use in next month’s chapter. Real life and real conversations are valuable resources, whatever you write.

I’ll be putting up one more post before the end of 2016. I hope the holidays are fun, productive, and joyful for all!

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