Goodbye Fall Semester

My college classes ended Wednesday, and my exams will soon be over. I can’t believe four months went by so quickly. For those who don’t know, I’m a homeschooled high school student taking college classes while I’m working on my applications. Those applications have taken up a lot of my time this past semester, and I must admit I’m ready to finish. Then the big decision-making starts…eek!

I’m hoping to get some solid writing time in over the break, both on my work in progress (stay tuned for news about that) and preparing more blog posts. But I’ve actually been able to work writing into my schedule fairly well this past semester, and as always my classwork can inform my writing.

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My American Literature class gave me a new appreciation for a discussion-based setting, and either introduced or reintroduced me to many American classics. I now have a new appreciation for free-verse poetry and Whitman in particular. A re-read of excerpts from Thoreau’s Walden gave me several new quotes to add to my repertoire. You will probably see some of those in next year’s Quote of the Month series.

Math was math. I have always been ambivalent towards math, so that’s nothing new. Suffice it to say I completed the course with a good grade.

History 101: Foundations of Civilizations was entertaining and challenging, I love learning about ancient history. The course ended right about the time of the Reformation, which doesn’t break my heart. I like learning about people who are very very dead. I learned that Ghengis Khan’s army would tie branches to the tails of the ponies to raise a larger cloud of dust, tricking their enemy into thinking a larger force was attacking. Definitely going to use that tidbit in a story at some point. History provides many little gems like these, as well as an overview of religion and politics, which can add a depth to worldbuilding or even help form a plot.

My at-home civics course has been an interesting addition to my classes during the election season, but I’m ready to finish up the year-long material a bit ahead of schedule.

mathNext semester will be here soon, with new classes and new assignments to keep me busy. Trigonometry is another source of ambivalence, though it does present a bit more of a challenge than College Algebra. Organic Chemistry always elicits a sympathizing look when I recite my spring semester course load, but hopefully it won’t be as bad as everyone says…

cameraHistory of Photography promises to be fun, especially with my dad as a teacher. Lots of people seem intrigued that I’m okay with my parent being my teacher, but I don’t really find it odd. I’m homeschooled, my parents have been my teachers since seventh grade. “Superman,” a class where we examine the superman archetype from Gilgamesh to Clark Kent is my only literature-type class this semester.

Well, here’s to a happy conclusion to this semester and good wishes for next year!

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