The Bookwyrm Report – Vol. 1

Hello all! This is the first of my Bookwyrm posts, where I will update my yearly reading goal, talk about the books I’ve finished recently, and add a new book to my “to-read” list.

Yearly Goal – This year I decided to set my goal at 35 books. I knew with my senior-year classes and college applications, I wouldn’t have as much time for personal reading as I might like. I do count audiobooks in my list because I spend quite a lot of my craft time listening simultaneously. So far I’ve read (or listened to) 27 books, not too shabby! I usually read a lot over winter break, so it looks like I’ll be on schedule.

51vh3wgcbvl-_sy346_51gn09eenil-_sy346_Finished: The Color of Magic and The Pickwick Papers– I am glad that I ended up reading (or listening to, in the case of Pickwick and friends) these books at the same time. Their tones are actually somewhat similar, with overdramatic characters in a series of sticky or just downright funny situations. Terry Pratchett’s The Color of Magic is a whimsical fantasy with plenty of twist and turns. I enjoyed the characters and the hints at a much larger Discworld ready to be explored. The Pickwick Papers, I am convinced, is Charles Dickens’ attempt to recreate The Canterbury Tales with his own flair. The major storyline following Pickwick and co. is funny and engaging, while certain chapters contain short stories that members of the group tell or collect by turns. A pleasure to listen to, the recording available for free from LibriVox is done well, with appropriate accents to heighten the humor.

Curre419yiyno9-l-_sy346_61evgafsbnlnt: White Sand and Pride and PrejudiceWhite Sand by Brandon Sanderson is actually my first graphic novel. I never really had an interest in the style before, though I’m enjoying my first experience so far. It is certainly interesting to see the visualization of a story, particularly one from an author who has experience with vivid worldbuilding. I often find myself only reading the speech bubbles though, I want to move too quickly through the story to really appreciate the artwork. That’s probably from my inexperience as a graphic novel reader. While White Sand is an adventure in uncharted territory, Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen is a familiar friend. I have never read the book before, but I grew up watching the BBC miniseries with Jennifer Ehle and Colin Firth. The production is nearly word-for-word, so listening to the audiobook is like listening to the miniseries…without the great music of course. The chapters are short and snappy, perfect to listen to right before I have to leave for class.

61wuxbopjwl-_sy346_To-Read: The Explorers Guild Volume One: A Passage to Shambhala – I’m a sucker for pretty book covers, so I was immediately captivated by the rich blue and gold on the cover of The Explorers Guild by Kevin Costner and John Baird. Described as a “combination graphic novel and adventure tale,” The Explorers Guild piques my interest. I also have a fascination with the idea of fictional guilds and factions, whether I’m writing or reading. Don’t know when I’ll get to this one as I have a couple more books on my plate to read first.

Did you set a reading goal this year? How’s your progress been so far? Feel free to share in the comments.

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