My Blog’s Birthday

Hello all! I’ve been saying that I wanted to start a blog for a while now. Well, here it is. It will take me a while to get everything up and running to my satisfaction, but I’m getting there.

Here’s a brief overview of my vision for this blog.

  • You can expect posts about writing, mostly creative writing, though I may discuss some of my academic work as well. Updates on my works in progress and general posts about craft can be found here.
  • While I don’t plan to focus on book reviews, even now and then I will discuss the books I’ve been reading recently, additions to my to-read list, and progress on a yearly reading goal in “The Bookwyrm Report.”
  • Research is a large part of my academic life and as a writer. I love using an interdisciplinary approach when I approach the creation of a new story. “Research Readiness” are posts where I share information I have found useful or interesting.
  • “Quote of the Day” posts will come at the first of each month, starting January 2017. Each post will contain a quote for each day. Some months will have themes, others will have a miscellaneous collection of some of my favorite quotes.
  • My craft projects may also make an occasional appearance, with progress on costumes, quilts, zentangles, and more.
  • Anything that comes up along the way! I enjoy leaving a bit of room for organic growth moving forward.

As I continue to familiarize myself with WordPress, come back and poke around. I look forward to starting this journey.

3 thoughts on “My Blog’s Birthday

  1. I’m enjoying your posts very much. I’m really looking forward to the “Quote of the Day” calendars and some posts about your sewing and craft work. Can’t wait to see how your costume for Jordancon 2017 is coming along.


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